Tradewind Creations

About Us

Tradewind Creations, L.L.C. was founded by John C. Derrick in the summer of 1999. Located in Lexington, SC, Tradewind Creations is the parent company that oversees a diverse portfolio of online business ventures; ranging from software applications to eco-tourism. The company is overseen by John C. Derrick along with a senior management team on select projects.

From origins as a small photography and web design website, the company has developed into a multifaceted, media rich, organization. Presently, Tradewind Creations produces a wide range of products and services like photography prints, artwork, computer software, technology news, reviews and analysis, PC support services, travel planning information, maps, tropical flora, a series tourism guidebooks, and other assorted merchandise. You can learn more about the individual sites we manage by visiting the Our Websites page. Like most small businesses, at the heart of our business is our own passion for the services we provide. As diverse as the projects are, they are more than just a job - they are our life. Quality of products and services, along with customer satisfaction, are extremely important to us.

For the last ten years our clients have included Fortune 500 corporations, various small businesses throughout the United States, Asia and Europe, as well as individuals and home users world-wide.

Tradewind Creations, L.L.C. is best known for four of its websites: which remains one of the world's largest technology enthusiast communities on the internet. is the largest of the three major sites, and is overseen by John Derrick (President), Graham Massey (Senior VP), David Hale (VP), and Jason Bullard (VP) along with a volunteer Management Team., part of Hawaiian Style Organization L.L.C., and its expansive eco-tourism travel planning media, along with its Mile by Mile Guidebook series. is overseen by John and Victoria Derrick., part of Hardy Tropicals Ltd. Co., is a website devoted to growing cold hardy plants and tropical gardening. The site covers an extensive variety of cold hardy plants in the site's plant database, dubbed "Plantabase." The company is dedicated to tropical plant enthusiasts who live outside of the tropics but still enjoy growing tropicals where they live. is overseen by John and Victoria Derrick., the successor to is an award winning software family package which has been downloaded nearly 3 million times worldwide. Additionally, BootPRO has been featured in many publications worldwide and was recently seen in both 'PC' & 'PC World' Magazines. BootPRO was developed by the software team and is managed by John Derrick and Graham Massey.

Meet the President
An avid environmentalist and researcher on ecology, John Derrick enjoys study on many aspects of the tropics, especially Hawai'i. John has particular interests in geography, web design, landscape photography and tropical flora. Of particular interest in tropical flora are bananas, colocasia / alocasia, philodendron, heliconias, and gingers - all of which Tradewind Creations sells commercially on a small scale. John services as the President of the Organization and oversees the company's web-related material, oversight of software production, photography, advertising, web store, and performs map layout and GIS analysis on the company's books and digital media. John, 31, holds a Bachelors of Science in Environmental/Physical Geography.

Meet the Vice President
Victoria handles the day to day aspects of Tradewind Creations, LLC. Including but not limited to design decisions, advertising/marketing, finances, overall content, and social media for the company.She enjoys the simple things in life... such as spending time with family & friends, playing with their three dogs, and on occasion you can find her with a glass of wine reading gossip magazines. Her heart and overall well-being is fueled by all forms of art, design, the environment, love (relationships), the creative mind, and most importantly those magical islands in the Pacific, Hawaii.